Wisdom for Others

• Having a costume

An authentic costume will be an advantage to the stripper as they will be able to identify the stripper with his unique style and form of dancing. Due to the competition and the many strippers on stage and in the business, a costume should be sexy, attractive and compliment. The advantage is that when in some stage performing there maybe outfits about the theme is related. However, in the case of a bachelorette party, the stripper has to carry along his costumes.

• Eating healthy and working out

A beautiful looking body which is well toned and has the well-maintained skin is vital; this is necessary as it maintains good skin and also better presentation to the clients. The customers have fantasies that need to be satisfied and met. The fact that they have sought the services of a stripping agency or visited a strip club is evident enough that they are willing to pay for the services. Therefore, it is imperative to meet the needs of the client by having the right body shape and size that is needed.

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